The Existence of Strange Things

S4E7 A.H.Verge and Jeff Mudgett

June 7, 2018

On this episode of The Existence of Strange Things Sean, Lon and Butch sit down with A.H. Verge and Jeff Mudgett.

First we speak with A.H. Verge.

A.H. talks about his encounters he has had since a young boy. A.H. has been within 5 feet of a Bigfoot. A.H. has recently released a book called "Nightmare in the Woods". The book is available on Amazon. His website is up and running. A.H. can be reached through his Facebook page.


Next we talk to Jeff Mudgett.

Jeff is the great great grandson of H.H. Holmes. Jeff discusses his tv show that was on TV last summer. Jeff talks about how he has traced his blood line back to his great great grandfather. Jeff also talks about his theory on How id great great grandfather could of been "Jack the Ripper'. Jeff can be found at his website. Jeff's book "BloodStains" is available on Amazon




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This show originally aired on May 18, 2018 at 11pm ET.

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